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Teas With Meaning

Teas With Meaning 

Teas With Meaning is committed to providing organic loose leaf tea blends and authentic tea experiences. Developed in the heart of Oakland by educator and tea connoisseur, Kamilah Mitchell, a brain tumor survivor and cancer warrior.

In fall 2017 after being diagnosed with cancer, Kamilah began learning more about herbs that can assist with the new diagnosis and creating tea blends from learned herbs, as well as how to organically grow and cultivate. She created these tea blends to nourish the community and promote knowledge of the ingredients without compromising taste.

Each tea blend is intentionally handcrafted, carrying various medicinal properties and has multiple uses outside of a nice cup of tea. From baths to yoni steams, to your favorite yogurt or plant compost, these herbs can be enjoyed after the initial brew. They also make for a great iced tea.

Teas With Meaning is proud to be the choice blend for a holistic lifestyle, health, and wellness...even with a dab of honey! With great honor, former students and young adults are the paid interns at all Teas With Meaning events and vending opportunities.

Tea Blends

We are proud to have 20+ tea blends. Some of our best sellers are: 
Cheers Tea is an uplifting organic loose leaf herbal tea blend
La Luna is an awakening organic loose leaf herbal tea blend
Sunrise Tea is a relaxing organic loose leaf herbal tea blend
Seventh Heaven is a balancing organic loose leaf herbal tea blend

*seasonal blends

Each season Teas With Meaning is proud to introduce 3-5 custom blends with organic seasonal ingredients, both herbal tea blends and black or green tea blends, using the best ingredients from farms around the world.