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About Kamilah


Committed to living her life with meaning and purpose,

Kamilah Mitchell has been assisting and supporting young adults for over a decade with an authentic approach that encourages empowerment.

"I can't tell youth to follow their dreams and trust the process if I'm afraid to. I just keep leaping and trusting the good! I dare to be that type of mentor, model, educator." This hands-on attitude has gained Kamilah the trust of a generation, while also giving her access to lives of young adults in diverse environments across the United States.

From classrooms and juvenile detention centers, to her non-profit charitable organization and hosted events, Kamilah has varied experience as well as proven success in her many approaches to building lasting relationships and inspiration in the lives of young people. As an Education Consultant Kamilah still provides curriculum strategies and ideas, private child care assessment, customized lesson plans as well as action plans to address the needs of your specific audience of young adults. Other services available include program and initiative development, school and/or youth event planning, and much more.

Now with the opportunity to bring tea to the table Kamilah invites the process of plant growth and the art of tea ceremony as opening activities while working with her audience. By utilizing tools from her own experience as a student and teacher, Kamilah Mitchell is able to understand the student perspective along with restorative justice and social and emotional learning practices, all of which are incorporated in her lesson plans and facilitation. Curriculums are gender specific and tailored to meet the needs of young adults in 1st-12th grade, covering a variety of topics such as:

*Nutrition * Film and Feminism * Student Leadership * Dance * Mentoring * College and Career Readiness * Literacy * Social Action * Private High-Profile Child Care development and more

Kamilah wrote and self published her first 2 books, "Here's My Shoes" and "The Release", through With Meaning LLC, as a therapeutic framework for building her dreams. With the humility of ‘imperfections being real’ coupled with the faith that some will ‘get it’, she has plans to continue to encourage young adults, and all who dare, to be brave, while proving that your voice matters.

Also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., Kamilah currently resides in Oakland, CA.